Webhook & Redirect URL
Webhooks are used so that anytime an event occurs on your account, your application can be notified with instant, real-time notifications by Squad.
Squad webhooks are HTTP calls that are triggered by specific events. It is necessary only for behind-the-scenes transactions.
This can be set up on your Squad Dashboard by specifying a URL we would send POST requests to whenever a successful transaction occurs.
To process notifications, you need to:
Paste your redirect andCallback/Webhook URL in the space provided on your dashboard by following the steps below:
  • Login to your Squad dashboard.
  • Go to Profile > API & Webhook.
  • In the Webhook URL field, enter your Notification URL.
  • In the redirect URL field, enter your redirect URL- and on completion of payment, the customer will be redirected to the URL with the transaction reference passed as a query param.
  • Enter a redirect URL for your customers to be redirected after they complete payment. Note: The Redirect URL is optional.
To configure webhook notifications: go to dashboard > profile > Api & Webhooks.
The Webhook is a post request that is triggered whenever a transaction is successful
Sample POST request to be sent via webhook upon successful transaction
"Event": "charge_successful",
"TransactionRef": "SQDEMO4825804255499",
"Body": {
"amount": 10000,
"transaction_ref": "SQDEMO4825804255499",
"gateway_ref": "SQDEMO4825804255499_1_1",
"transaction_status": "Success",
"email": "[email protected]",
"currency": "NGN",
"transaction_type": "Card",
"merchant_amount": 4880,
"created_at": "2022-07-15T09:07:20.936",
"customer_mobile": null,
"meta": {}
Please Note that the encrypted body (x-squad-encrypted-body) is usually sent via the header
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