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Verify Transaction

This is an endpoint that allows you to query the status of a particular transaction using the unique transaction reference attached to the transaction.
RESPONSE The API responses returns a status code and a data object
Response Status Code
The response when this endpoint is queried returns a status code of 200 0r 400. Status Code 200 A status code of 200 is returned for a valid transaction ref. Status Code 400 A status code of 400 is returned for an invalid transaction ref Response Data Object The data object returned in the response is null when the status code is 400 and populated when the status code is 200. The data object contains a parameter known as the transaction_status which differentiates the transaction type.
Transaction status can either be Success, Failed, Abandoned or Pending
Authorization Any request made without the authorization key (secret key) will fail with a 401 (Unauthorized) response code.
The authorization key is sent via the request header as Bearer Token Authorization
Example: Authorization: Bearer sandbox_sk_94f2b798466408ef4d19e848ee1a4d1a3e93f104046f
This verifies a transaction

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If you are using the verify transaction endpoint, kindly change the base URL to